Summer Solstice 2022

Summer Solstice 2022

This year, the summer solstice landed on June 21st. It marks the beginning of Summer as it’s the longest day with the shortest night. It also marks the beginning of Cancer season in tropical astrology! The summer solstice signals a time for us to tap into our internal power, dispel darkness, and celebrate the sunshine. This is one of the best times of year to honour and utilize solar energy! You can harness the energy of the summer solstice in a few different ways. 


1.     Use fire to connect to solar energy.


Fire also harnesses solar energy in the same way the sun does, so anything fire-related is a nice way to celebrate the summer solstice. Light a candle, have a campfire, invite your friends, and celebrate the warmth; not just from the heat, but between you and your loved ones as well.


2.     Wear yellow, orange, and/or gold. 


The colours yellow and orange are linked energetically to the sun. Since this is a “solar holiday” wearing any of these colours can be a simple way to acknowledge the solstice. Gold jewelry, yellow/orange clothing, makeup, hair accessories, etc. are all great options! 


3.     Have a cup of joe.


Coffee is perfect for grounding, dispelling negativity, and giving you an energy boost. However, you take your coffee, sipping with intention on this day is another easy way to celebrate. Coffee is a major part of my life and personal practice, so I’m always looking for ways to make it magickal. And when there’s coffee, that’s enough of a reason to celebrate. 


4.      Go out in nature.


The sun gives life to everything. It helps foster growth and helps to sustain life in nature. It gives us vitamin D, a boost of energy, and sometimes a little bit of a tan. If you do nothing else to celebrate the solstice, going outside is enough. 

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