The best way to have your next coffee based on your moon sign

The best way to have your next coffee based on your moon sign

Whether you make your coffee at home or you get your daily dose of caffeine from your local coffee shop, your moon sign can give hints toward how you might like your coffee.


Aries Moon ­– Double Espresso

As a fire sign, aries moons are always on the go. Sometimes simple is better because it’s quicker. I feel like a double espresso fully embodies aries moon energy. If you know, you know.

Taurus Moon – Iced Latte

Taurus moons tend to enjoy the finer things, so if you’re going to be enjoying an iced latte, the safer option is the good espresso. (That means go to and check out the Espresso for Everyone Blend.)

Gemini Moon – Espresso soda.

Gemini moon’s love the unconventional. They like to experiment, learn, and try new things. And I guarantee you the espresso soda is probably something you haven’t had before. So, try it out! Even if you don’t like the taste, you’ll like the experience.

Cancer Moon – French press coffee.

The French press is perfect for the homebody. Feel free to stay warm within your comfort zone with your French press coffee.

Leo Moon – Iced white mocha with sweet cream cold foam (+ at least two more additions/customizations).

A Leo moon is the most likely to have the most additions to their coffee. Sometimes it’s overboard, but they like it. They tried it because they saw it on TikTok and just never went back.

Virgo Moon – Iced coffee with oat milk.

Simple. Precise. Delicious. A coffee that embodies virgo moons. Just make sure it’s a small size. (Virgo moon’s love coffee, but coffee does not love virgo moons.)

Libra Moon – Cold brew.

As the most indecisive sign, cold brew is a safe option. It’s always tasty, you can add what you want to it, and it seems to be a fan-favourite as far as types of coffee go.

Scorpio Moon – Macchiato 

It’s simple. It’s strong. There’s no bullshit to this type of coffee either. And if there’s one thing I know about a Scorpio moon, it’s that they hate bullshit.

Sagittarius Moon – Irish Coffee.

Caffeinated and ready to party – with the Irish coffee, Sagittarius moons might most enjoy the two-in-one cup of coffee.

Capricorn Moon ­– Americano. 

Capricorn moons have things to do, places to be, and people to see. Something with one of the highest amounts of caffeine, please!

Aquarius Moon – Drip coffee.

“I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in,” says the Aquarius moon ordering the drip coffee because it’s something different that a lot of people their age don’t order. Try it even if it’s just to stand out, y’know?

Pisces Moon – Cappuccino.

A cappuccino just feels like a drink for the creative. Imagine sipping a cappuccino in your workspace and allowing that to fuel your imagination and creative mind. Just trust me on this one.

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